PNEC-pro is now available online, free of charge (you only have to register for free).

PNEC-pro is a user-friendly screening tool for professionals dealing with the assessment of surface water quality. The tool calculates local, watertype specific no-effect concentrations (PNEC) of copper, nickel, and zinc based on biotic ligand models (BLMs).

PNEC-pro does not replace generic environmental quality standards, but is used in higher-tier risk assessment following the guidelines of the Water Framework Directive. Usually, the results are used to further analyze the impact on aquatic communities on a geographical and temporal scale.

Scientific basis

The scientific basis of this tool is extensively studied in a research by Leiden University and Deltares. This has been published in a scientific paper written by Verschoor, Vink, De Snoo and Vijver 2011.

We like to share our knowledge and make it available to a wide audience. PNEC-pro is an example of this.

Download software

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Last Modified: 15-02-2016