Software and data


CMLCA is a software tool that supports the technical steps of the Life Cycle Assessment. The focus of the program is on advanced computational aspects of life cycle inventory calculations.


Statistical distributions in LCA and converting between different representations of these distributions


The E3IOT database contains a high resolution, environmentally extended input output table for Europe which covers production, consumption and waste management sectors.


A global, detailed Multi-regional Environmentally Extended Supply and Use / Input Output (MR EE SUT/IOT) database.


GLOBOX is a spatially differentiated multimedia fate, exposure and effect model. It is used for the calculation of spatially differentiated LCA characterisation factors on a global scale.


PNEC-pro is now available online, free of charge (you only have to register for free). PNEC-pro is a user-friendly screening tool for professionals dealing with the assessment of surface water quality. The tool calculates local, watertype specific no-effect concentrations (PNEC) of copper, nickel, and zinc based on biotic ligand models (BLMs).