CECILIA2050 - Optimal EU climate policy

Development of scenarios for 2050 detailed in an IO framework

Here we present the scenario tool (a set of matlab scripts and data) that were used to implement a number of scenarios for 2050 that describe possible routes to a two-degrees climate change target. These scenarios help us :

  • to explore the requirements for achieving emissions reductions in 2050 consistent with a two-degrees climate change scenario; 

  • to provide an understanding of the dimension of changes required for the transformation to a low-carbon economy by mid-century in terms of the techno-economic changes needed, the economy-wide scale of the transformation, and the changes needed in selected key sectors;

  • to define a set of options (building blocks) for coherent instrument mixes, specifying the scale and level at which policy instruments must be applied.


Last Modified: 02-12-2015