Finished projects

Recommended weighting methods

In this project the field of weighting methods was surveyed, developing a framework for typifying options. Next, three basic approaches were chosen, each most consistent in itself, and filled with a number of operational methods. The applicability of the weighting methods was expanded to the broadest and most generally specified level, based on the ILCD Handbook on LCIA as the reference for characterisation in LCA.


Examining the sustainability aspects of biotechnology, especially those related to the production of ethanol from biomass


A new environmental accounting framework using externality data and input-output tools for policy analysis


Co-ordination Action for Innovation in Life-Cycle Analysis for Sustainability: deepening, broadening and leaping forward the LCA methodology.


Aligning the Ecoindictor'99 and LCA Guide 2001 impact assessment methods.

Biotic ligand models

Description of Biotic ligand models: making an inventory of available models & assessment of the variability of the predicted HC5 using the BLMs in different Dutch water types (2005 - 2007)

Metals in LCIA

A critical look at the impact assessment modelling of metals in Life Cycle Impact Assessment and improvement options.