Research at the Department of Industrial Ecology

CML Industrial Ecology research is at the interface of economy and environment. Its combined scientific and applied perspective leads to contract research for interested parties from governments, firms and organizations. More than is usual with consultancy firms, we focus on scientific aspects, and publication of results, of course with due consideration of confidentiality. Our activities for third parties include:

  • Methods development, empirical research, and advice
  • Software and database development
  • Teaching and training of staff
  • Peer reviews

Our core activities in industrial ecology relate to:

  • Development of analytical tools for industrial ecology, including LCA, MFA, eco-efficiency, LCC, environmentally extended IOA, etc.
  • Application of such tools in specific domains, like agriculture, energy, waste water treatment, waste management.
  • Use of such tools for specific substances (chlorine, metals, surfactants, nutrients, etc.)
  • Analysis of complex natural and man-made systems (seas, traffic, etc.)
  • Development of IT based novel approaches to practical problems (pattern recognition, agent-based models, etc.)

CML-IE has carried out projects for numerous companies and organizations., see our list of publications for results. To mention just a few:

  • administrative bodies: UNEP, OECD, EU-DG Environment, EU-DG Research ((FP4,FP5, FP6; Mari Curie; Tempus, Asia-Link) JRC-IPTS, JRC-ISPRA), Dutch Ministries (Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality; Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment; Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management; Ministry of Economic Affairs), Dutch provinces (Zeeland, Limburg, etc.), Dutch municipalities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, etc.), etc.
  • companies: AT&T , Unilever, Ebara, Norsk Hydro, FORBO, etc.
  • associations: International Council on Metals and Mining, VNCI, etc.

For further information please contact one of our project leaders:

Last Modified: 02-12-2015