Research line on Chemical and Biotic Impacts on Biodiversity

Description of the research line on Chemical and Biotic Impacts on Biodiversity


This research line concentrates on the impact of human introduced chemicals (‘chemical stress’) and biota (‘biotic stress’) on the environmental quality, biodiversity and ecosystems.

Research concerning chemical stress is mainly focused on substances like pesticides, metals, and antibiotics.

Biotic stress
is studied with a focus on genetically modified organisms and invasive species.

The objectives are the assessment of impacts on the structure and functioning of ecosystems, and the development of realistic predictive ecological risk assessment models.

Impacts are mainly analysed using field research on different organizational levels (species, populations and ecosystems). The development of ecological risk assessment models is based on ecological and eco-toxicological fate and effect mechanisms as they occur in the environment.

Finally, recovery strategies to counteract the human impacts are developed, especially from a actor-based perspective.


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