Partnerships Conservation Biology

Overview of the partnerships of the department of Conservation Biology

The department has the following structural partnership relation(s):


The department of Conservation Biology has a  structural cooperation with:

The Biodiversity Research Program.

Here the issues concerning the impacts of biota (genes and invasive species) and land use changes related to biodiversity (including biodiversity hotspots and ecological niche modelling) are be studied.


A structural cooperation of the department of Conservation Biology is realized with RIVM focusing on the chemical impacts and the related ecotoxicological research: 

The EnBioLife research program (Environment, Biodiversity and Life Support).
In this co-operation also chemical laboratory facilities are being shared.

SENSE research school

CML participates in the research school SENSE together with:

  • the Amsterdam Free University,
  • Amsterdam University and
  • Wageningen University

in both research themes

International Partnerships

Internationally the Conservation Biology program maintains structural cooperation with:   

  • Isabela State University (Philippines)
  • Oxford University (United Kingdom) 
    The Louwes Fund: research related to the availability of, and access to food and water.
  • Mulwarman University (Indonesia)
  • University of Dschang (Cameroon)   

Nature & Poverty network of IUCN

CML participates in the Nature and Poverty network of IUCN. This is a Platform for practitioners working on ecosystem management and poverty alleviation

IUCN specialist groups

CML also participates in several IUCN specialist groups:

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