Fieldstation in the Philippines (CVPED)

The CML had a fieldstation in the Philippines, Cabagan (until 31 december 2009), which has been established 20 years before as a product of co-operation of CML with the Isabela State University (the Philippines)


The Cagayan Valley Programme on Environment and Development (CVPED) was a training and research centre that resulted from the co-operation between the Isabela State University (ISU) in the Philippines and Leiden University. The co-operation exists since 1989 until 2009.

The co-operation

Through an agreement between Leiden University and the Isabela State University (ISU), signed in 1989, the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) and the College of Forestry and Environmental Management (CFEM) set up the Cagayan Valley Programme on Environment and Development (CVPED). The programme office has been situated at the ISU Campus near Cabagan , a town in Isabela Province.

CVPED is located in a region of about 30,000 square kilometer that coincides with the Cagayan river watershed. The relatively fertile valley floor is bordered by degraded grasslands, logged-over forest and the primary forest of the Sierra Madre, the last of some size remaining in the Philippines. The environmental problems in the area concern soil erosion, river degradation and biodiversity loss


CVPED concentrated on research, education activities, conferences, consultancies and cooperation with other institutions.

It’s main objectives were:

  • to contribute to the growth of environmental science as an interdisciplinary field of research and education;
  • to work on strengthening of research, education and extension capacities;
  • to contribute to the institutional development of ISU, and
  • to stimulate the implementation of projects on sustainable development of the Cagayan River Basin and adjacent areas within administrative Region 02, while safeguarding the region’s natural heritage.


The fieldstation was located in the Cagayan Valley in Northeast Luzon. It is at about a quarter of an hour cycling distance from Cabagan, a town of almost half the size of Leiden (39,500 inhabitants). The programme office is in the Environmental Information Centre (EIC) at the Cabagan campus of the Isabela State University.

The CVPED office included a secretariat, a study working area, and the offices of the (Philippine and Dutch) programme co-ordinators. The EIC building houses a library, herbarium, conference room, class rooms, canteen and ISU guesthouse. The soil, water and tissue laboratory is located at the back of the College of Forestry and Environmental Management, i.e., the counterpart institution of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)


  • CVPED guesthouse and dormitory with basic kitchen.
  • Computers in the CVPED office, including one with internet connection
  • Presence of a Philippine and/or a Dutch co-ordinator
  • Public transport vehicles at the campus, project cars and motorbikes for specified CVPED activities


CVPED participated in a large number of regional, national and international (research) networks, for example:

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