Fieldstation in Cameroon (CEDC)

The CML had a fieldstation in Cameroon, Maroua (until 31 december 2010) which has been established 20 years before as a product of co-operation of CML with the University of Dschang (Cameroon)


The Centre for Environmental and Developmental Studies in Cameroon (Centre d'Etude de l'Environnement et du Développement au Cameroun, CEDC) was a training and research centre that resulted from the co-operation between the University of Dschang in Cameroon and Leiden University. The co-operation existed from 1990 until 2010. The main objectives of the CEDC were:

  • Contribute to the development of environmental sciences in Cameroon through the stimulation of interdisciplinary research.
  • Contribute to the capacity of the Cameroonian ministry of Higher Education to carry out research, give formation as well as to provide advisory services
  • Contribute to the institutional build up of the University of Dschang, in particular its field station in Maroua.
  • Stimulate to undertake activities in the context of those development projects and programmes that contribute to the sustainable development of Cameroon, whilst maintaining the biological diversity.



The field station was located in Maroua in the Far North province of Cameroon. Maroua is a town the size of Leiden (100,000 inhabitants). The CEDC campus lies at approximately 15 min. cycling distance from the centre of town. (see the map)

The offices of the Cameroonian and Dutch co-ordinators, the administrative offices and lecture halls were located in the main building. A library was housed in another building, together with a computer room and staff offices.


  • The two-story building of the campus contains the dortoir. There is accommodation for 20 persons - including a kitchen and a common lounge.
  • The CEDC has a number of motorbikes and bicycles for research purposes. Logistical support in the field is mainly through 4 x 4 vehicles; the CEDC has its own garage.

Last Modified: 16-02-2011