Stans Prize 2011

The ‘Stans Prize 2011'  has been awarded to Ingrid Odegard for her research on The Future of Food - Scenarios and the Effects on Resource Use in Agriculture

Stans Prize

The Stans Prize is a yearly student incentive award for the best thesis, article or report produced by a CML student. Ingrid wrote her report for her master study (Industrial Ecology).

The prize was presented at the CML New Year meeting on January 23, 2012.
Ingrid has given a small presentation about her research.

The research

The aim of the study was to design four global food scenarios for the year 2050 and to evaluate these quantitatively with respect to their use of the natural resources land, water and fertilizers in agriculture. Resource use and food are popular topics in the current sustainability debate, because of population growth and the change seen in diet composition, related to increased welfare levels, with increased demand for animal products in developing countries. To evaluate resource use for a complete diet in different food scenarios, the study integrated three sub-studies:

  1. Four scenarios were designed, which include different trends related to population, economic development, policy, technological development and diet and are specified to the year 2050.
  2. A methodology was developed – Virtual Resource Content – with which the use of resources in agriculture can be calculated.
  3. A model was created, with which the scenarios are quantified with respect to their resource use.

The four scenarios were all evaluated on a global scale, including two that were also evaluated on a regional scale.

The results show that an assessment of resource use is only valuable when a complete picture is given. Trade-offs between land-use, fertilizer use and water use are very relevant. Therefore, the present study provides valuable input for assessing problem areas, but also for identifying opportunities in our agricultural system.

The scenarios and results of this research are available in her MSc Thesis report (PDF).

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