A travel into the world of environmental contaminants within a LCIA context



Thursday 2 september 2010 

Time: 10.00 - 12.00 h

Location:         CML – Leiden University
Van Steenisgebouw
Einsteinweg 2


Prior to the PhD defense of Anneke Wegener Sleeswijk on 2 September 2010, a workshop will be organised at CML – Leiden University on the topics of (emerging) environmental contaminants, alternatives for priority contaminants, and fate and effect modelling of metals within Life Cycle Impact Analysis (LCIA).


10.00  Introduction to the workshop Prof. dr. Willie Peijnenburg
(CML and RIVM)

10.05 Preliminary consensus in the comparative hazard assessment of metals - the USEtox model


Dr. Mark Huijbregts
(Radboud Universiteit)

10.35 Advances in estimating the freshwater ecotoxicity of metals in LCIA

Dr. Nilima Gandhi
(University of Toronto, Canada)


11.05 Following the paths travelled by PolyBrominated Diphenyl ethers

Prof. dr. Miriam Diamond
(University of Toronto, Canada)



Alternatives for polybrominated flame retardants: the ENFIRO project


Dr. John Parsons
(University of Amsterdam)

12.05 Concluding remarks Prof. dr. Willie Peijnenburg

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