Science Council

The Science Council is an advisory committee to the Board of the Institute and consists of the full and associate professors of the Institute.


  • Prof. dr. ir. P.M. van Bodegom
  • Prof. dr. J.J. Boersema
  • Prof. dr. ir.  W.T. de Groot
  • Dr. G. Huppes
  • Prof. dr. H.H. de Iongh 
  • Prof. dr. G. Kramer
  • Prof. dr. W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg
  • Prof. dr. G.R. de Snoo
  • Prof. dr. A. Tukker (chair)
  • Prof. dr. H.A. Udo de Haes (associate /agendalid)
  • Dr. ing. M.G. Vijver 
  • Dr. E. van der Voet (secretary to the council)

Meetings are not open to the public. 

Last Modified: 06-01-2015