April 23rd, Van Steenis Building Mural-Thon 2015 on Circular Economy

On 23 April 2015 16-18h, there will be the Van Steenis Building Mural-Thon 2015 on Circular Economy.

The increased complexity of the world often requires hundreds of factors to be considered in a single decision. Mural-based thinking enables decision makers to bring more expertise to bear on contemporary problems, and aids group discussions and decision making by representing the complexity of interrelationships and viewpoints in one composition.Information murals have the greatest potential to positively affect how we communicate about “big ideas”. They are increasingly being used in the conference rooms of business, industry, and government for brainstorming, planning, and decision making.

This visual event is organized by Robert E. Horn, Stanford University, and the Information Murals Lab.

Teams of the universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht are working on Information Murals about the circular Economy. They will be judged by a Jury of:

  • Robert E. Horn, Stanford University;
  • André Veneman, Corporate director Sustainability AkzoNobel;
  • Frits de Groot, director Sustainability VNONCW;
  • Prof. dr. Arnold Tukker, Delft-Leiden-Rotterdam Centre of Sustainability and Director of the Institute of Environmental Sciences.

More information can be found at: http://www.infomuralslab.info/invitation.html

Last Modified: 10-04-2015