Environment and Data Science - 7th LCDS meeting together with CML

The 7th LCDS meeting will be held at CML on Thursday 11 June 2015, 15 - 17 p.m. The subject will be Environment and Data Science.

The meeting will be at Van Steenis building, room A303.

The host will be Arnold Tukker, Scientific director of CML.


15.00-15.05 h Opening by Arnold Tukker
15.05-15.10 h

Words of welcome to CML by Jaap van den Herik

Moderator Arnold Tukker/ Peter van Bodegom
15.10-15.45 h

pitches/presentations and questions

15.10-15.20 h

Arnold Tukker: big data questions in Industrial Ecology (EE IO tables, MFA studies, LCA studies, and combinations of them at different spatial scales)

15.20-15.30 h

Peter van Bodegom: big data questions in biodiversity studies

15.30-15.40 h Arjan de Koning: the need for CML-internal Industrial Ecology Lab
15.40-15.50 h

Hai Lin: title to be announced

15.50-16.05 h Break
Moderator Peter van Bodegom/ Arnold Tukker 
16.05-16.45 h

pitches/presentations and questions

16.05-16.15 h Martina Vijver: title to be announced
16.15-16.25 h Erik Schultes: Heating Homes for Free by Folding Proteins
16.25-16.35 h

Thomas Baeck or Jonathan Vis: Visualization

16.35-16.45 h

Laura Bertola: Genomics for Conservation Issues

16.45-17.00 h   Discussion

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