PhD-graduation Kai Fang

PhD-graduation of Kai Fang on "Environmental footprints: Assessing anthropogenic effects on the planet’s environment" on Tuesday 24th of November 2015 at 11.15 h 

Vastberadenheid loont, een promotie met een bijzonder verhaal

Ongeveer dertig jaar geleden vlucht de dan 9-jarige Tuqa in zijn eentje te voet uit een afgelegen dorp in Noord-Kenia om naar school te kunnen in de stad 100 kilometer verderop. Op 18 november 2015 promoveerde hij op zijn onderzoek naar conflicten tussen leeuwen en veehouders in Amboseli NP Kenya.

PhD-graduation Tuqa Jirmo Huqa

PhD-graduation of Tuqa Jirmo Huqa on "The impact of climate variability on the ecology of a lion ( Panthera leo Linnaeus 1758 ) population and lion-livestock conflicts in the amboseli ecosystem in Kenya" on Thursday 19th of November 2015 at 13.45 h 

PhD-graduation Patrik Henriksson

PhD-graduation of Patrik Henriksson on "Evaluating European imports of Asian aquaculture products using statistically supported Life Cycle Assessments" on Thursday 12th of November 2015 at 13.45 h 

PhD-graduation Edi Wiloso

PhD-graduation of Edi Wiloso on "Development of life cycle assessment for residue-based bioenergy" on Thursday 29th of October 2015 at 13.45 h 

PhD-graduation Yang Liu

PhD-graduation of Yang Liu on "Quantifying the toxicity of mixtures of metals and metal-based nanoparticles to higher plants" on Tuesday 20th of October 2015 at 11.15 h 

PhD-graduation Jing Hua

PhD-graduation of Jing Hua on "Determining the most appropriate dose metrics for evaluating dose-response relationships of metal-based nanoparticles to Zebrafish embryos" on Thursday 3rd of September 2015 at 10.00 h 

PhD-graduation Lan Song

PhD-graduation of Lan Song on "Towards understanding the toxicity of copper nanoparticles in aquatic ecosystems" on Thursday 2nd of July 2015 at 13.45 h 

PhD-graduation Nynke Osinga

PhD-graduation of Nynke Osinga on "Comparative biology of common and grey seals along the Dutch coast" on Tuesday 09 June 2015 at 13.45 h 

April 23rd, Van Steenis Building Mural-Thon 2015 on Circular Economy

On 23 April 2015, there will be the Van Steenis Building Mural-Thon 2015 on Circular Economy. Information murals have the greatest potential to positively affect how we communicate about “big ideas”. They are increasingly being used in the conference rooms of business, industry, and government for brainstorming, planning, and decision making.

Delegation of Faculty of Science Leiden visit Indonesia

During 21- 29 March 20-15 a delegation  of the faculty of Science of Leiden University, headed by the executive dean Drs. Gert Jan van Helden and with participation of the Institute of Environmental Sciences Leiden ( CML)  visited Indonesia in order to  establish collaboration with Indonesian universities in Bandung, Bogor and Jakarta