Visiting scientists and other postgraduates

Possibilities for scientist and other post graduates to stay at CML for cooperation and study.

CML welcomes scientists and postgraduates to stay at CML for cooperation and study. There is, however, a restriction in capacity in terms of desk space and supervision. Each request is therefore assessed on its suitability and potential, paying attention to other requests as well.

If you are interested in spending some time as a visitor at the institute, please send us an email, stating at least the following:

  • your official status (PhD-student, scientist-on-sabbatical, researcher at a company, etc.)
  • the purpose of your visit (to learn a certain technique, to be updated in the field, to write a paper, etc.)
  • the topic(s) you would like to address
  • your background in terms of previous education and/or research
  • the duration and period of your visit
  • your possibilities of covering expenditures (through a fund, by your company, etc.)
  • your adaquacy in using English, both orally and written
  • possibly some references to colleagues or previous supervisors
  • possibly some reprints of your work

The standard fee for academic and non-academic visitors is 1000 euro per month. Please note that you have to carry your costs for subsistence and housing as well. Also please be aware that you have to take care of finding accommodation during your stay in the Netherlands.

If we come to an arrangement, we may send you an official invitation letter, which may be used to help you obtaining funds and visas. Please direct your requests to Susanna van den Oever.

Last Modified: 10-05-2012