Requirements for PhD students

Every year CML has a very limited number of paid positions within EU or NWO projects available for PhD students that are filled on a merit basis. A paid position includes limited assistance in undergraduate teaching. But there is, however, a restriction in capacity in terms of desk space and supervision. Each request is therefore assessed on its suitability and potential, paying attention to other requests as well.

For PhD positions at CML, the following applies:

Basically there are two options

  • Internal applications: CML defines the subject, and usually has full or partial funding. There is a public advertisement and open competition to fill the place. Please see our website for current available places (often none).
  • External applications:these are based on a subject of interest of the applicant, where the applicant takes care of the project description to be agreed upon and also takes care of the funding.

The CML has a set of regulations and requirements for PhD applicants

Last Modified: 16-06-2011