Registration Minor Sustainable Development 2015-2016

How to register for the Interdisciplinary minor Sustainable Development (30 ECTS) or elective Sustainable Development: Big Issues New Answers.

Students of Leiden University

You can officially register for the minor Sustainable Development via uSis from 1 May until 15 August.

Are you a student from TU Delft or Erasmus Rotterdam?

From this year on participation in a minor at Leiden University is guaranteed for students from TU Delft and Erasmus Rotterdam. Please note, you can only register for the Minor in May (1-31 May). Look at the minor website of Leiden University how to apply.

Already interested?
If you are already interested in following the Minor, please register your interest. Then we will keep you up to date about the minor programme through a newsletter.

Registration via Usis

You can find the minor in uSis using class number (studie-activiteit nummer) 1332 .  Follow the steps of the how do I register for a course using class nbr. Make sure that you register for the TEN activities (exam) not the HER (retake).

As a preparation for the minor in September we ask you to submit the following small assignment as soon as possbile after your registration in Usis. (no later than 15 August) Write a short motivation letter (about 500 words) in which you discuss the following questions:

1.     Why do you want to follow this minor?

2.     What is your study background, and how does this minor fit in (or not)?

3.     What would you like to learn? (Do you have a specific interest for a topic (climate change, resource scarcity, etc.) or skills (writing papers, presentation, debate, etc.) that you would like to improve?)

4.     How did you know about this minor (website, Facebook, via-via, directory, etc)

Send your motivation letter to the coordinator of the minor, Marloes van Kuppevelt:

We will try as much as possible to incorporate our input into our programme and class discussions. At the end of the course we will ask you to reread your motivation letter and reflect on what you have learned. 


Registration for an elective of 15 EC

Students who do not have the full 30 ECTS available can take the ‘Sustainable Development: Big Issues New Answers’ course as an elective. In Usis you will register for this course only (so not for the whole minor). You will need permission to do so from the exam board for your degree programme. This course will be taught from September to mid November 2014.

You can find the course Big Issues New Answers in uSis. You have to sign up for all the modules and the sustainability paper.

Other Students

In principle, the minor is also open to students of other universities and universities of professional education (HBO), but they must meet different admission criteria.
We welcome external students, provided that they are highly motivated to do so and show great commitment. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places, participants will be selected on the basis of a letter of motivation and/or an intake interview. In recent years, a number of places have always been available for external students.

You can register for the minor as follows:

  1. Go to the webpage anders studeren and follow instructions.
  2. The request form must be signed by the study advisor at the institute where the course is to take place. You must therefore first send this form (with all the necessary documents) to the following address:
    Universiteit Leiden
    Tav Onderwijsbureau
    Postbus 9518
    2300 RA Leiden
  3. We will then send it to the PLEXUS central administrative office.
  4. After receiving your student number and ULCN account you can register for the minor in Usis in the same way as students from Leiden University (see above).

Please Note: Your registration can only be processed in time if you make sure you are in possession of all the documents required for your registration as a guest student as early as possible (by 15 August at the latest).
Since students of Leiden University are given priority, external applicants will have to wait until 15 August to know whether any places are available for external students.

Last Modified: 20-04-2015