Opening minor Sustainable Development 2015-2016

The Minor Sustainable Development, organized by the Institute of Environmental Sciences, started Monday 31 August. There was an official opening by Marianne Thieme, parliamentary leader at the Party for the Animals.

Her speech was very inspiring and motivates all the students to come into action for sustainability. So a great start for this half a year program about sustainability issues and the major (environmental) problems we’re facing in today’s world.

This year, the minor program has around 45 students. They’re coming from many different backgrounds, such as International Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Biology, Political Science, Law, Administration, Product Design, Biomedical sciences and China Studies. Also some international students, as well as some students from other universities in the Netherlands, join the minor. These different backgrounds, - around 15 major degree studies are represented -, show the interdisciplinarity of the Minor.

Not only the students come from different academic backgrounds, also the classes will be taught by professors and lecturers from different disciplines. The main contribution, however, will come from the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML). Researchers of both CML’s research programs, and , will introduce the students into the field of Sustainability Sciences and will teach them about their own work. The minor is also a good preparation for the , which you can start both the first and second semester.

After the introduction days the students start with an intensive program whereby they learn about specific issues like sustainability and governance, climate change and the circular economy.

Last Modified: 02-12-2015