Opening Minor Sustainable Development

The third edition of the Minor Sustainable Development (CML) started on Monday 5 September 2011 with an official opening by member of the Senate Marijke Vos. This year the minor has been started with  a record number of 38 students.

The third edition of the CML minor Sustainable Development has been started on Monday 5 September 2011 with an official opening by member of the Senate Marijke Vos. She has been involved with issues such as agriculture, biodiversity, climate change and energy. In her opening speech she emphasized the importance of sustainable development, stating that we are dealing with complex problems for which innovative thinking and multi-disciplinary collaboration is paramount.

After the opening speeches of CML Director Geert de Snoo and Marijke Vos, the minor started with an introduction day in which students became acquainted with each other and with the subject.In a real life histogram students projected their different study backgrounds.

It showed a broad spectrum of disciplines such as Anthropology, History, Biology, Moleculair Sciences and Technology, Psychology, Chinese studies, Law and Economics. This year we have a record number of 38 students (28 from Leiden University and 10 from other Universities such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Groningen)

This introduction day will be followed by a few weeks of introductory courses with a focus on general sustainability issues, theories and methods. Hereafter, the students will have an intensive program whereby they learn about specific issues like industrial transition, modeling System Earth, land use and biodiversity.

This year the minor has a new structure which consists of three pillars: the course Sustainable Development: Big Issues, New Answers, the course Project group: Design of European Research and the course Area studies (Sustainable Philippines or Who Owns the North Sea) The minor is taught in the first semester of this academic year (2011/2012) and is open for students of all Bachelor programs.

Not only the students come from different academic backgrounds, also the classes will be taught by professors and lecturers from different disciplines. The main contribution, however, will come from the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML).

Researchers of both CML’s research programs, Conservation Biology and Industrial Ecology,  will introduce the students into the field of Sustainability Sciences and will teach them about their own work.

Movie of opening Minor Sustainable Development (in Dutch)

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