Advanced Textbook Exam 2015-2016

Description of the master course Book Exam

Teacher/examinator           Prof.dr. J.J. Boersema  
E-mail and/or
Study load 3 ECTS (2-3 weeks)
Exam The exam will be oral and it will take some 45 minutes.

Obligatory Reading

Nico Nelissen, Jan van der Straaten & Leon Klinkers (1997) Classics in Environmental Studies.An Overview of Classical Texts in Environmental Studies. International Books, Utrecht (3 copies of this book are available at CML).

  • General Introduction + Conclusions and Perspective
  • Part I and II All Chapters (1 – 12)
  • Out of Part III a selection of 5 out of 7
  • Out of Part IV, V and VI a selection of 3 Chapters; at least one Chapter per Part.

Selection of papers/books

A selection of 2 or 3 scientific papers has to be made. Suggestions: recent (= last 5 years) articles in Science, Nature , Biological Conservation, Tree, Trends in Evolution and Ecology, or Plos One on major environmental issues like Climate Change, Overexploitation of natural resources, Energy and Biodiversity.  Other suggestions of students are appreciated provided they are well argued for.

The Exam

The exam is not a mere reproduction of the facts and arguments from the selected literature. It is meant to be an academic conversation. Students should be able to scrutinize the evidence and arguments and evaluate the literature, also in a comparative way.   Doing the exam is possible throughout the academic year. The student must make an appointment (use both email addresses) to set the date and get his or her choice of the literature approved (please send pdf’s).

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